Did you know that alcohol consumption within the low-risk guidelines recommended by the American Medical Association can still have a negative impact on mental and physical stamina and performance? Many people are now considering the ways that even what is considered “normal” use of alcohol is affecting their health and physical abilities.

After all, does Tom Brady drink during football season? Or any season, for that matter? There’s a reason he’s the G.O.A.T. Let’s explore it. Together.

If you are interested in this type of self-exploration, consider joining us for  STOPTOBER, a 30-day self-inquiry where we explore the effects of alcohol use on our mental, emotional and physical performance simply by taking a break from it.  

The program:
We know there are a lot of online communities out there offering support. STOPTOBER 2019 is a local group for individuals who practice at Blaze Yoga & Pilates and SteamHouse Hot Yoga & Pilates. Online support is helping millions, but all too often the missing piece is shared experience. This platform will provide an opportunity to join together with others in your hot fitness community behind a common goal.

Have you ever wondered if alcohol was a crutch holding you back?

Have you ever wanted to stop, but didn’t feel you could for social or emotional reasons?

Have you ever wondered if drinking is getting in the way of your self-care or crushing your goals?

According to One Year No Beer 92% of people who took the STOPTOBER challenge reported feeling happier and 73% reported dramatically improved sleep, reduced anxiety, and weight loss.
Join LADC Barb Dugan for a special challenge to explore your relationship with alcohol. In the online group she will offer a daily prompt for the month of October to inspire group discussion and personal motivation in addition to providing access to the latest research and resources for the sober-curious.

To Join:
Sign up for STOPTOBER here. A link will then be provided for you to join the Closed Facebook Group STOPTOBER.  Registration ends at 9:30 PM on September 30 (at which point the group status will go from "Closed" to "Secret.”)

Cost: $30

STOPTOBER is not appropriate for anyone who considers themselves an “alcoholic,” or who has been diagnosed with an alcohol use disorder or any other substance use disorder.