Yoga as a Tool in Healing: How to feel better

I had the great pleasure of joining Kyle Maiorana and Erin Holt of the Funk’tional Nutrition podcast this week to talk about what role yoga can play in healing chronic pain and illness.

Both women are registered dietitians who work to help their clients develop personalized plans for health that cover all aspects of their lives. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the work they do and wait anxiously each week for the release of the next episode. Topics cover everything from healthy fats to good sources of animal protein, and from the benefits of CBD oil to understanding diet culture. They also host people in the fields of health and wellness to share their unique areas of expertise.

You’ll find the information in this podcast to be science-based and designed to help develop a life of health that supports all of the amazing things you love to do on a daily basis. In Erin’s words, “I don’t teach people how to diet. I teach people how to EAT.”

Our episode covers how this yoga works, back pain, chronic pain, yoga and autoimmune disorders, and much, much more. Take a listen here.