Sober Yogis

Are you looking to enhance your sobriety? Surround yourself with like-minded people on the same path.

The Sober Yogis Program was designed to jump-start your recovery, no matter how many years of sobriety are under your belt. As meditative practices gain notoriety for their effectiveness in addiction recovery, research into their effectiveness is following suit.

Sober Yogis blends traditional therapeutic practices with Eastern mindfulness techniques and physical conditioning to attain successful autonomy from chemical dependence. We offer weekly group support meetings in Portsmouth and Exeter and unlimited Hot Yoga and Pilates classes.

Our Yoga is well-known for its impact in supporting those in recovery. Famous teachers like Jeanne Heaton notoriously used the practice to recover from heroin addiction. Every teacher at Blaze Yoga and Pilates has a minimum 500-hour teaching certification, and our staff boasts decades of experience in the field. Our seasoned and welcoming staff will guide you through the practice with care and attention.

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Rolling Admission

Sober Yogis offers rolling admissions. Register for a weekly group, sign up for yoga classes and start feeling better! Contact us here to get started!

The Therapy

Sober Yogis offers a two-pronged approach to help you with your sobriety: group therapy and therapeutic hatha yoga classes. Our lead therapist Barb Dugan, LADC, SAP, of Recovery Services has over 28 years experience in addiction recovery.

Weekly group support sessions will help you get support from people on a similar path, develop connections within the yoga community and share your experiences. The support meetings allow us to observe the recovery of others and offer witnesses to our own successes. These groups are effective because they draw you into a culture of people who are taking care of themselves and making living a meaningful life a priority. Trained clinicians will help guide and support the groups to maximize effectiveness. 

Unlimited Yoga and Pilates

Our Hot Yoga methods were designed not only to bring optimal physical health, but also as a mindfulness practice to help reduce the neurological response to stressful stimuli and recover from past trauma. The intensity of the physical practice helps to train the mind to focus despite external distractions. As students gain control of their breath in difficult postures, they learn to control their reactions outside of the hot room as well.

A key component of the practice of yoga is the feeling of euphoria and well-being after practice. This combination of improved physical health,decrease in stress and feeling great are the reward for your hard work on the mat. In preliminary studies, Hot Yoga has shown a dramatic ability to reduce post-acute withdrawal symptoms like depression, anxiety, loneliness, apathy,emotional overreaction, irritability, and sleeplessness.

Get started with our introductory month unlimited. For just $30, you get access to unlimited, therapeutic classes for a whole month. Come test drive how amazing you can feel.

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