Hot Yoga Plus

It’s far too easy to let the demands of modern life take precedence over taking care of number one. There’s always someone who needs one more thing or a deadline you just can’t miss.

That’s why we created our Hot Yoga Plus program to help you make the most of your “me time” with these special classes that are both a workout and a work in. We use music and meditative cueing to help you tune in to the present moment so you can banish stress and focus on you.

Hot Yoga Plus builds on the intelligent sequencing of our original Hot Yoga to work your entire body in each class while adding fun variations that help you dive deeper into your practice and build more strength, range of motion, flexibility, and resilience. You’ll leave each class with a deep sense of peace and the knowledge that anything is possible.

If you’re ready to be your best self, grab a Hot Yoga Plus class today!