Class Descriptions

HOT YOGA Our Original Hot Yoga series is the most effective yoga method in existence. Are you sick and tired of feeling miserable? Do you want to heal your broken-down body and reclaim your youth? This is the series for you.

HOT PILATES Inferno Hot Pilates is a fast-paced, high-intensity workout done to music that will make you feel amazing. Do you want to lose weight, get stronger, and see changes quickly? Bring a friend and have a blast at IHP!

HOT VINYASA Barkan Vinyasa is an athletic, flow yoga class done to music that gives you everything you need in a workout: strength, flexibility, and peace. Are you ready to get stronger and try something new? Grab a vinyasa class today!

26 Plus Done to music, this fun twist on our Original Hot Yoga series adds fun variation in the second set to spice up your practice and help you feel amazing.

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