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Too many of us walk around in a body that feels like a stranger. We’ve accepted that stress, fatigue, and persistent pain are the price we pay in life. Don’t believe the hype! You deserve to feel amazing.

At Blaze, we’ve curated the most effective hot fitness modalities in existence to help you take back your vitality and bring the spark back to your life. 

With our Hot Yoga and Pilates classes, you’ll see massive results quickly as you reclaim your fitness, strength and mobility, while curing chronic injury and pain and banishing stress.

"After a month of Hot Pilates, I     stopped all of my medications"

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Our incredible staff are ready to help you identify your goals and go grab them. We offer only the most effective hot fitness classes in existence so you’ll see and feel changes immediately. To get stronger, move with greater ease, shatter stress, and instantly boost your mood, all you have to do is show up.

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