Sara Curry, Owner

500-Hour Original Hot Yoga Certification 2003
Functional Range Assessment, Kinstretch Instructor 2019
Functional Range Systems Strength Coach 2022

Life can be hard on a body. Sara found yoga when a lifetime of contact sports and weight lifting left her debilitated by back pain. After using yoga to rehabilitate her own body and mind, she dedicated herself to a life of helping others take back control of their health, wellness, and their lives. Sara’s classes blend physicality and meditation toward the same goals: healing, health, and self-awareness.

Jaylon Curry, Owner

500-Hour Original Hot Yoga Certification 2011
Inferno Hot Pilates Instructor 2018
Kinstretch Instructor 2020
Certified Crossfit Trainer 2020

So many people suffer from anxiety every day. Jaylon was no exception. When he added yoga to his life, he found peace of mind and a calm he never knew was possible before. He works every day to help bring that same gift to others. He delivers mental clarity and calm in a package that’s easy to digest: through movement of the body.

Andie Simard, Studio Manager

500-Hour Original Hot Yoga Certification 2009
Inferno Hot Pilates Instructor 2018
Functional Range Conditioning Movement Specialist 2021
Kinstretch Instructor 2022

As an only parent raising two young girls, Andie knew too well how easy it was to put taking care of herself on the back burner. After winning an intro month a Blaze at her daughter’s school’s spaghetti dinner, she was hooked immediately by how wonderful taking time for herself made her feel. She was instantly a better mom, worker, and friend: just add yoga. She walks into the studio every day to help every person walk out feeling their absolutely best. Join Andie in class for a powerful dose of positivity and inspiration.

Jenn Myles

500-Hour Original Hot Yoga Certification 2018
Hot 26 Plus Certification 2019
Annapolis Power Yoga Certification 2019
Inferno Hot Pilates Certification 2020
Functional Range Conditioning Movement Specialist 2021
Functional Range Systems Strength Coach 2023

In 2003, Jenn convinced herself to try hot yoga, despite her aversion to extreme heat and profuse sweating. After her first class, she felt energized, exhausted, drenched, and convinced that she had found her passion. Committing to a lifelong practice was the logical conclusion. Since then, Jenn has maintained a consistent practice, participated in yoga competitions and completed teacher training. Yoga has stayed by her side through adversity and prosperity, and has provided her with a place for mental, physical and emotional support. Come to Jenn’s class to sweat, stretch and “work it out” on the mat.

Libby Sullivan

500-Hour Original Hot Yoga Certification 2018
Hot 26 Plus Certification 2019
Annapolis Power Yoga Certification 2019
Inferno Hot Pilates Certification 2020

Libby discovered this amazing yoga for stress relief during grad school in 2010. Before yoga, Libby was plagued with low self-esteem and negative body image. Day in and day out, as she watched her sweaty self in the mirror, she began to fall in love with the amazing woman staring back at her. It is Libby’s passion to spread the message of self-love and respect to all of the students who walk into the hot room.

Sarah Gnerre

500-Hour Original Hot Yoga Certification 2018
Hot 26 Plus Certification 2019
Annapolis Power Yoga Certification 2019

Sarah started practicing at BYP in 2005 because of the plentiful class schedule. There was no excuse not to fit one in several times a week. She immediately loved being wrung out by the effort of class and the deep relaxation afterward. Yoga soon became indispensable to managing the rigors of her professional life. As an instructor, she knows that every body—even an aging body—can become stronger and more flexible. Sarah has entered USA Yoga’s Regional and National Asana Championships since 2014 and won Gold in the Adult 50+ Regionals three times.

Elizabeth Doherty

200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher 2011

Functional Range Conditioning Movement Specialist 2021

The world moves so quickly. Through art and yoga, Elizabeth tries to decrease life’s velocity by being aware, connecting with the body, and trying to stay in the present moment. She found the practice of yoga in 2004 and it led her to teaching in 2011. Elizabeth is a person who teaches what she practices and that is continuously evolving, growing, and changing like the world around all of us.

Join Elizabeth in class where there is plenty of time to breathe, time to align yourself, and time to rest in the goodness of your life.

Sarah Rafferty

Inferno Hot Pilates Certification 2020
Hot Vinyasa Teacher Certification 2021

Blaze was Sarah’s first experience with any type of yoga. She tried yoga reluctantly, after a push from a friend that said it would complement her running. A lifelong athlete, she didn’t think she was a “yoga person”. She was hooked and became a consistent practitioner immediately. Since starting this discipline she didn’t know was even workout, Sarah has gained endurance and physical strength she never knew she was capable of having. She discovered her deep power and grit in the Inferno and Hot & Heavy classes and found herself toying with the idea of becoming a teacher.

When the pandemic hit, Rafferty was searching for more meaning in from life and knew it was her turn to take the Inferno Hot Pilates teacher training and make her dreams come true.

Dani Mulligan

200-hour Yoga Certification 2014
Inferno Hot Pilates Certification 2021

When Dani began yoga and meditation at the age of 14, she found a sense of presence that she had never before experienced. From a young age, it was her dream to become a yoga instructor. After getting certified in 2014, she took every opportunity to teach and got experience in a variety of yoga disciplines. It helped her discover that there is a style of movement for everyone, every limitation, and every type of body. She strives to help her students understand the same in every class she teaches.

Sara Tierney

Certified Fitness Instructor 2019
200-hour Registered Yoga Instructor 2022

When her chosen path produced a rather fragmented human, Sara returned to yoga and fitness to cohere all the scattered bits, and it worked! It always works. Sara practices, lifts weights, dances, and breathes with the firm belief that mindful movement is the essence of life and of the soul. That’s her driving force: to stay true to herself and share her love of movement and music with others. Forever a student, Sara’s classes are marked by a joyful intensity and are informed by both self-study and curious research. For many years, Blaze has been Sara’s home base. In this community, she has grown her grit and strength. Her mentors, The Currys, have helped expand her knowledge and appreciation for the capacity of the human body and mind. Her classes, therefore, are always led from a place of profound appreciation. They are also intense. Come move with her. And then come again. Become surprised yourself by your own strength. It’s quite possibly the best feeling in the world.

Jared Splaine

Inferno Hot Pilates Instructor 2023
Blaze Advanced Fitness Training 2023

Jared’s father dragged him to his first class when he was in high school. At first, he couldn't stand the heat, but he always walked away from class feeling light, peaceful, strong, and powerful. As a young dancer, he noticed he had more flexibility and stamina in performances. The post-class euphoria and the amazing community at Blaze kept Jared coming back for a decade. Now, as a professional dancer in his twenties, he finds even more benefit from the classes. He joined the team here to help others walk away from class feeling strong, gleeful, inspired, and with the knowledge that "anything is possible when you show up."