Clean Your Props in Yoga to Keep Others Safe

As hot yogis, we’re not always as accustomed to cleaning equipment like folks who regularly attend fitness classes. The addition of props in yoga and Kinstretch allows us to integrate new and targeted exercises so we can get even more out of our practice and expand our degrees of freedom. That means we’ll have equipment to sanitize for the next person in class. Watch this simple video to clean up after yourself and keep others safe.

Blocks, Poles, and Weights: Lightly spray with alcohol, spray your hands, and return the prop exactly as you found it. Weights are carefully organized from lightest to heaviest, so be sure to pay attention when removing and replacing yours.Blocks are stacked in a staggered row with a gap in between so the alcohol can dry and do it’s job.

Bands and Balls: Place in the bin provided and your teacher will wash by hand.