Exercise for Grief and Depression

incorporating movement or exercise can feel like the last thing on a long list of tasks you’re not completing. It can feel impossible to get going, let alone get a rhythm or a schedule.

Sometimes it can be a helpful motivation to know the “why” behind taking on a new task. When it comes to low mood, moving your body is one of the lowest hanging fruits to creating meaningful change you see the benefits of right away.

That’s partially because when we squeeze our muscles, they actually release chemicals into the body that make their way to our brains. Chemicals that help improve mood and release dopamine, the motivational hormone. Just getting started with movement can change the way you feel immediately. Sometimes, all we need is a little hope that things could get better to get the ball rolling.

Take a peek at the video to learn more about why exercise can help you when you’re struggling and leave us a comment on the video if you have questions or thoughts.

Original Hot yoga

Original Hot Yoga is the sequence that popularized hot yoga in the United States. Back in the 80s everyone thought hot yogis were bonkers, but now you can find heated classes at just about every studio or gym.

Based on of the use of yoga as a therapeutic treatment in Eastern India, OHY is a sequence of postures and breathing exercises commonly prescribed as treatment for the common ailments of humanity. By stringing together poses most people can benefit from, we’re able to help a vast range of bodies and abilities in the same class.

People love Original Hot Yoga because it is predicable and patterned and a simple tool to measure progress, healing, and growth. Most practitioners find it a deep, physical meditation that brings both self-awareness and a lasting sense of peace. Because the postures are taught from the most basic steps of set up and lead into the deepest expression of the pose, the class is highly accessible and effective for people of all ages and levels of ability.

Take time in your schedule to reconnect with yourself, to heal your body and recover from the tolls of life. Original Hot Yoga is the secret sauce to your best life. Register here.

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Inferno HIIT

The American populace is chronically over-stimulated mentally and under-stimulated physically. Everyone is stressed to the max and feeling like crap. We know we need to move, but “exercise” can be a chore for so many.

That’s why we developed our Inferno classes. You don’t think for a second about monotony when you’re sweating and breaking it down at the club, so we’ve created a rave-like atmosphere with disco lights and thumping tunes and paired it with fun workouts that make a class a Blaze feel more like a night out than an obligation to work out.

Plus, we use the low- and no-impact high-intensity interval training methods popularized by Dr. Izumi Tabata to get you in the best shape of your life, quickly. It's quite literally the fastest way to get in cardiovascular shape. Our students call it a Sober Rave (with no regrets the next day).

Get in here and have a good time with us! New to Blaze? Register here.

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Kinstretch is a body control practice designed to help you assess your current capacity, develop the range of motion you need, and build the strength you need to own it. Most of the movement we do is pattern-training for exercise and sport with little attention to individual joint health and mobility.

Kinstretch was created to make sure you have a body that can handle all you love to do and mitigate the risk of injury from pleasure and sport. This is the class you don’t know need until you try it and finally realize you’re not fated to a lifetime of suffering and limitations.

Let me be blunt, Kinstretch is hard work. It’s both challenging and massively rewarding. It is literally the most important class we offer here at Blaze.

If you want to finally feel what your best actually is, get here on the regular. New to Blaze? Register here.

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Blaze Flow

Vinyasa Yoga is what most Americans think of as “yoga”. It’s the flowing movement from Up Dog to Down Dog you’ve seen in every movie with a yoga class and the highlight of every sunrise yoga pic on social. Just because it’s pretty and feels good doesn’t mean commercial flow yoga is the most effective tool for personal growth.

At Blaze, we take the positive aspects of this beautiful and graceful medium and combine it with the most effective joint health techniques and cardiovascular training for a deeply peaceful yoga class that optimizes your physical health.

Our talented staff will help you build the skills needed to do the fun and fancy stuff you’ve seen so you can move confidants and find a deeper connection with your self.

Grab our Inferno Flow classes for a combo of Vinyasa and fitness in our pump-up Inferno setting with great music and disco lights! New to Blaze? Register here.

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Inferno Weights

Everyone knows that lifting weights is important for bone density and to prevent muscle loss as you age, but so many people struggle to actually fit it into their lives. That’s why we created our Inferno Weights program.

We take the amazing party atmosphere and motivating music of our other fitness classes and put weights in your hands to help train strength, build muscle, and slow the effects of aging. We like to work out. We like to have a good time. We can’t wait to show you how it’s done at Blaze. You’ve never taken a class like this before. Ever.

Weight training has so many more health benefits than just preventing osteoporosis and sarcopenia. At Blaze, we’re committed to helping people optimize their health so they can maximize their impact on the world.

Join our crew and feel the best you’ve ever been, no matter what decade of your life you start. New to Blaze? Register here.

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Blaze Yoga

Too many people walk through life suffering from injuries and expecting limitations to grow with time. It's not only untrue, but unnecessary. Anyone can feel better than they do right now by practicing the proven techniques we offer at Blaze.

To pack as much as we can into the limited time you have for your wellness practices, we created our signature class: Blaze Yoga. We were sick of patterned exercise plans and yoga disciplines that left people stuck without options or results.

We bucked tradition and spent thousands of hours studying and testing the most effective modalities in use so we can help you build a body that is flexible and strong, resilient, and free from pain. When you practice Blaze Yoga regularly, you’ll heal chronic injuries and optimize your potential.

Our superpower is helping people improve the way all of their body parts move and feel so they can get back to everything in life that brings joy. If you’re ready to feel better, schedule your next Blaze Yoga class and let’s get to work. New to Blaze? Register here.

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Hot and Heavy

Most people have no idea what their bodies are capable of doing. We walk through life with self-imposed limitations because "you just don’t know what you don’t know".

We created our Hot & Heavy classes to challenge those imaginary boundaries and show you how strong, capable, and gritty you are. If you’re a lifelong athlete, you’re going to love this class. We use the most effective and fun techniques and training strategies to up-level your fitness game.

If you’re new to lifting, we’ve got your back. We’ll teach you the ropes and gradually put heavier weights in your hands to help you find your power, safely.

There’s no better camaraderie than you’ll find in HNH. Come sweat with us and meet the most supportive group of inspiring badasses in existence. New to Blaze? Register here.

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K-Farm Comes to Blaze!

We’re so excited to welcome our friends the Fillmores for a pop-up farm stand on Saturday, June 26th. Nell has been a friend of the Curry family since she started nannying for our kids when she was in high school. Her family is a trusted and important part of the Blaze community and we can’t wait to share their passion for health and stewardship of the land with you all.  

The K-Farm  was originally built in 1758. Since 2016, owners Andy and Nell have worked to restore it to its original beauty with three goals in mind:

  Raise the highest quality of products 
  Allow animals to live in their natural state, ensuring their happiness and health
  Enrich the health of the farm and guarantee sustainability 

They are dedicated to land stewardship and committed regenerative farm practices that build the health of the farm while providing food for the table. On K-Farm, the cows are free to graze the fresh pastures, the pigs roam in the woods allowed to root up and eat all the nuts and berries that they please, and the broiler chickens live in a “chicken tractor” so they can graze pasture freely and rotate to new land daily. Layer hens are free-range and have their pick of all of the greens and grubs and bugs the farm has to offer. 

Not only do regenerative agriculture practices allow the animals to live their lives in their natural state but it also increases the health on the farm by protecting the watershed, enriching the soil, and increasing organic matter and improving the soil's capacity to sequester carbon from the air. 

Join them for a special farm pop up where you can purchase eggs and meats in cuts or bundles. Looking to stock up? Email K-Farm to preorder and have your cuts waiting for you when you walk out of class! 

The One Minute Hiking Prep We All Need

When it comes to warming up, most people forget their feet. The foot is quite literally the lever that propels you forward.

There are 30 joints in the foot and for maximum speed, optimal gait, and reduced wear and tear, they all have to move, well. You can’t move it if you’re not aware of it. That’s why we’re sharing this simple and super-fast exercise to increase your awareness of your amazing feet!

The best news is that it takes about a minute warm up your feet before your next walk, hike, run, race, or cycle so you can start to use that foot and all 100 muscles, ligaments and tendons, and less like it’s a solid brick.

Before you lace up for your next adventure, take 60-seconds to pulse your feet in five different directions so you can feel better, move faster, and stay focused on everything you love to do with your body.

Stop Languishing and Start Thriving Again

A year ago, we were all so anxious to get back to our “normal” lives, but 15 months of the ‘rona life have left many of us feeling nervous to venture out to our old haunts and habits. If you’re feeling stuck and languishing in the inertia of your 2020 survival tactics, you’re not alone!

Some folks aren’t sure how to socialize again. Others feel like they won’t be able to keep up in classes they haven’t taken in a year. Many are suffering new pains and ailments from so much time on Zoom.

The great news is that your amazing teachers are here to help you ease back into yourself. We’re on a mission to support our community to take charge of their health, to heal their wounds, and amplify their lives so they can maximize their impact on the world and we’re really good at it. We will walk you through it step-by-step so you can snatch back those feelings of hope, health, strength, and resilience.

This incredible community is here to welcome you with a warm smile. We’ve all been through a lot and the time is now to begin to heal and thrive.

How to Optimize Your Recovery: Add-ons

The big three in exercise recovery are Food, Sleep, and Stress Reduction. Once you prioritize these basic principles, you can begin to dial in your recovery with additional tools and techniques to enhance your life, your health, and speed recovery from your movement practices.

The most effective supplemental practices focus on supporting the body's natural processes of healing and involve circulation, palpation, and/or cell membrane stretching. These are the ways that your body removes waste products that make you feel gross and bring in the fluids and nutrients you need to heal and thrive. Surprise, surprise, it’s not the antioxidant drink that some woman you knew from high school sells through an MLM.

There are lots of effective tools that can enhance the good work you’re already doing. Take a peek at the video and learn more about how to up-level your recovery game. Further, most of the therapeutics recommended in this video also improve sleep and reduce stress, so you can nail down your low hanging fruit while tapping into some of the practices that ice the cake on your life.

Grab an epsom salt soak or indulge in some massage therapy with our neighbors at FLOTE.

Assess, don't guess with our trusted partner Erin Holt.

How to Optimize Your Recovery:
Stress Reduction and Rest

Exercise is a stressor; so if you're stressed, why exercise? Exercise has an amazing capacity to help us drop into our bodies and release the mental and emotional stresses of life, but it's also a form of physical stress. If you're living a wildly stressful life and piling more and more exercise on top to cope, eventually there will be a breaking point for your poor body.

Let's start by talking about why exercise is great. It's what we call a "eustress" or a good stress. By challenging the body's physical capacity and allowing it to recover, we come back stronger and more resilient.

How to Optimize Your Recovery: Sleep

You might find it hard to believe, but one of the most important factors in exercise recovery is sleep. Insufficient sleep slows muscle recovery, decreases aerobic endurance, increases stress, decreases your capacity to synthesize glycogen (the fuel that powers movement), and causes an increased rating of perceived exertion. That means you think your workout is harder just because you haven’t slept.

On top of all of that, lack of sleep can cause dramatic changes in mood and prevents the natural processes that help you remove the emotional weight and attachment to stressful and upsetting experiences.

How to Optimize Your Recovery: Fuel

We move our bodies to heal, improve mood, get stronger, and improve our health. That process of exercise and movement causes damage to our tissues and when we recover from that damage, we’re stronger and more resilient. Failure to plan for recovery can result in wearing down the body, not building it up.

That’s why we’ve created this series on exercise recovery to help you get the most out of your time for yoga, Pilates, weight training, and fitness. By nailing down “the big three” and icing it with our add-ons in week four, you’ll be able to see progress more quickly and feel better almost immediately. Watch the video to learn the why and the how of fueling your body like the athlete in you needs.

Midday Mini Movement Break

A huge challenge in working from home is the inertia. Once you’re settled in to your desk, it’s hard to get motivated for movement and so many of us are suffering from aching backs, tight muscles, mental fog, and low productivity.

The good news is that adding a little movement can get you back on the train to feeling good town. That’s why we pulled together this simple movement flow to bring stretch to your right muscles and help you get back to work more focused and productive.

Get Your Body Back Post Partum

You gave your body for the life of your child. You deserve to get it back in working order.

One could go so far as to claim that pregnancy is a pathological condition in the human body. Creating and delivering another person into the world can have a huge toll on the body.

The conversation most people are having post partum is about “getting your body back”, and you they should be! Not “losing the baby weight”, but actually getting your body back to a healthy alignment and functional movement patterns so you can breathe again, walk again, and move with ease so you can do the important and exhausting work of parenting.

What’s the Difference Between Bicycles and Pilates Bicycles?

Pilates Bicycles are a staple move from the therapeutic methods of Joseph Pilates that takes the basic neutral spine and increases the load to challenge your obliques and transversus abdominis muscles. These two muscles are critical in pelvic stability, diaphragmatic efficiency, and core strength and stability.

Bicycles are a fitness technique done with a c-shaped spine that targets the obliques and the rectus muscles. Your rectus doesn't play a huge role in stability, but it looks good on the beach. Know what you're focusing on and how to execute the move so you can optimize your benefits from your workout.

Do Some Ab Exercises Give You Rug Burn?

They shouldn’t! Too many people complain of a sore spot after some core moves like crunches, butterflies, and roll ups.

There are two reasons ab exercises give you a raspberry on your low back: lack of spinal mobility and lack of abdominal strength.

Six-Minute Mobility

Most of us don’t have the time we’d like for fitness, wellness, and mobility. With all you’re “supposed” to do, it can feel like you’re never getting in what you actually need.

That’s why we’ve created this simple video to help you sneak in movement, assessment, and mobility even when your time is short. You can do it all in six minutes or break it up into 30-second components and work your neck while your coffee brews or your knees while you stand at the copier.

Full FREE Yoga Class for Back Pain

Too many students reach out to me to say, “Sara, my back hurts!” They’re frustrated by persistent and nagging pain and discomfort. The good news is that there is a solution. It’s never too bad and it’s never too late.

This day, so many students came in with back pain, that I completely scrapped the class I had planned and switched to focus on spinal mobility and control. The first phase of healing back pain is awareness. How do you move? What feels good in your spine? Where are you stuck? Mobile? Strong? Weak?

Three Simple Exercises to Combat Computer Fatigue

Modern life leads most of us to spend more time on devices more than we’d prefer and sometimes that can lead to pain, tendinitis, and tension. The great news is, reducing inflammation, full joint assessment, and less pain is just four minutes away.

The secret is in controlled articular rotations of joints we tend to use repetitively when we’re online. CARs are your most effective form of joint assessment, help you to retain joint range of motion, improve brain-joint communication, and are both anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

Go FRC Yourself

Too many of us accept that limited range of motion, chronic pain, or lack of control are inevitable consequences of movement, sport, and aging.

We've got good news. No matter how broken or limited your body feels, there's always a way to make it feel and move better. There's always an UP from here.

That's why we created Go FRC Yourself so you can learn to train your own body based on your specific and unique needs.

Clean Your Props in Yoga to Keep Others Safe

As hot yogis, we’re not always as accustomed to cleaning equipment like folks who regularly attend fitness classes. The addition of props in yoga and Kinstretch allows us to integrate new and targeted exercises so we can get even more out of our practice and expand our degrees of freedom. That means we’ll have equipment to sanitize for the next person in class. Watch this simple video to clean up after yourself and keep others safe.

How to Clean a Dumbbell

Does the “Clean” move in weightlifting have you puzzled? Does it feel kind of like a weird cross-body curl? Learn to get the most out of this powerful, full-body move move with this simple tutorial from Crossfit Champion Kristi Lunny.

First, a clean is not a curl. A curl is a biceps-centered movement that’s great for pumping your guns. A clean is a back, glute, leg, shoulder, and arm exercise. By utilizing more muscle groups, you can both lift more weight and get more cardio out of the exercise. By utilizing more muscles, you can both lift more weight and get more cardio out of the exercises.

Getting Started with Video On Demand

Welcome to our online crew!

Getting started can feel overwhelming, so we’ve created this simple guide to help you familiarize yourself with our offerings and start feeling your absolute best.

Our signature class, Blaze Yoga, is the perfect blend of therapeutic yoga and functional range conditioning practices to help you heal your body and find deep peace while you expand your range and control of your meat suit. Like all of our classes, Blaze Yoga is accessible and scalable for all ages, levels, and abilities. Questions about a particular condition? Visit our blog for more information, or shoot us an email. We’re here to help!

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Hey 2020, I Want a Do-over!

2020 was a disaster and we want a redo. Everything that could go wrong felt like it did. We lost access to our coping strategies and self-care fell by the wayside. For many of us, getting back to the habits and patterns that helped us feel our best has felt like an insurmountable challenge.

Join us as we Reset Everything And Delete last Year.

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Get Off the Waitlist!

It can be so frustrating when you try to book a class and it’s sold out! You might even be as sad as Tim in this video. 👉🏼

That’s why we’ve created this simple blog post to help you get in to more of what you love so you can feel as good as what you remember.

Question Everything You’ve Ever Learned about Down Dog

You see Downward-facing Dog in most power, flow, and Vinyasa disciplines and each lineage has a different approach. If you’ve ever heard of a hard and fast rule like you MUST keep a bend in your elbows or your middle fingers MUST be parallel, you know what I’m talking about. In the field of yoga, some people will take you into the ring to prove their approach is correct.

So who's right and who wins? NOBODY.

There’s no one approach to any movement practice that works for all people. That’s why we’ve created this simple tutorial to help you understand what’s being asked of your body and what you’re capable of for movement. Watch below to learn the prerequisites for Adho Mukha Svanasana.

Let’s Talk About Ventilation

When we opened our new studio space in 2012, more than half of our budget went to a state-of-the-art ventilation and heating system that was the most environmentally-friendly. We had no idea an airborne virus would bring the world to its knees, we just believed in keeping people safe and healthy. Clean air is good for everyone.

At Blaze, we have a vision of a world without suffering. One way we work toward that ultimate goal is to invest where it matters toward the greater good.

The Secret Weapon Built into Every Class

Take time for Savasana and improve your whole life!

We all know mediation is good for you, but how many people actually find the time to do it? We're too busy, there's too much to do, heck it can feel like there's hardly enough time to get to class!

The science is clear. Mediation is good for you mind, body, and soul, with powerful biochemical results. That's why we've built a mini guided meditation into every single class.

Open House:

In tumultuous times like these, we need our movement practices more than ever. The stress is ever-present and something is changing every day. Yoga, fitness, and mindfulness practices are the steady constant we need to feel our best and stay healthy and strong inside and out. 

We all know that exercise is one of the cheapest and most effective tools to combat stress, improve immunity, reduce comorbidity, and improve our resilience. Sometimes we just need a motivation to take action.  

That’s why we’re so excited to invite you to join us for free classes all day on Saturday, October 17th virtually or in-studio. Try any of our transformative offerings and walk away feeling the best you have in months.  

Staying safe at home? We’ll be live-streaming all classes, so sign up for the Virtual Class that day and we’ll send you a link to join in on the fun. 

Understanding Intra-abdominal Pressure (IAP) to Optimize Your Practice

The yoga and fitness industries have done a disservice to their clients for decades (centuries?). They've passed on information about trunk stability and core strength that don't pass the test of science or biomechanics.

Sucking your stomach in or exhaling when you're lifting a heavy weight is one of the least strong positions you can create.

Back in the 80s, Arnold and his fellow body builders used to practice blowing up balloons and hot water bottles to create what we now understand as IAP. When you know better, you can do better. If you're feeling pain in your lower back, the low hanging fruit is to see if you're really pressurizing in your trunk or just randomly contracting your belly muscles.

One Simple Hack to Transform
Your Standing Bow Pose

Too many of us lack the hip extension necessary to do much in Standing Bow pose. We run out of mobility and compensate by over-arching the lower back or rotating the standing hip.

The result is a posture that looks like it might be deeper, but is actually a regression in terms of mobility and control.

That's why we've created this video to help you understand the requisites for the posture and show you what you can do about it.

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So You Want a Juicy Booty?

Too many of us lack the hip mobility to make glute-building exercises effective. When we lack hip extension, the lower back offers to jump right in and compensate. We arch the spine instead of engaging our posterior hip muscles in squats, deadlifts, bridges, and yoga poses. You’re definitely not going to get a big round booty by arching your lower spine.

Learning how to control your spine from the front is the first step in optimizing how you do glute exercises so you can save yourself an aching back and make LL Cool J proud.

Listen, if you want to build strength in your posterior you have to stop pretending your lower back is a butt. Check out this quick video and start making booty gains.

Top 3 Most Important Elements in Optimizing Your Workout

Life is busy and it's not always easy to find time for yourself, your practice, and your health. Everyone needs you and there's always one more task that needs your attention.

That's why when we get to show up on the mat, we want to be sure we get the most out of that time. These three factors are the most important elements of optimizing your workout.

How to Choose Your Weights
for Inferno Hot Pilates

When your weights are too light, you won't feel a lot from the exercises. When your weights are too heavy, you'll end up using your traps or your lower back instead of building strength in the target muscles and joints. No one wants to get half benefits from a workout and no one wants a sore lower back!

Our teachers plan your classes based on the type of weight you’ll be using. Choose a heavy weight for a “light” shoulders day and you’re going to have to leave the weights on the floor the whole time. When you arrive at the studio, the teacher will tell you what type of weight to choose for that day. This will vary based on the type of exercises and the number of sets or reps we’ll be doing. It has nothing to do with what you lift at the gym or what you did in class last week.

We've created this simple video to help you understand the meaning of "light", "medium", and "medium-heavy" in Inferno Hot Pilates+, so you can choose the right weight for our impeccably-designed classes. Learn to choose the right weight for you and for the class at hand so you can optimize your workout and leave feeling amazing every time.

Our Commitment to You

At Blaze, we operate on four foundational values: Heat, Health, Community, and Trust. We are on a mission to support our community to take charge of their health, to heal their wounds, and amplify their lives so they can maximize their impact on the world.

Keeping our students safe within our walls has always been at the core of each of those values. We work hard every hour of every day to keep the studio safe, clean, and adhere to the highest of ethical standards. In a time of heightened awareness, here’s what we do every day to keep you safe.

Five Simple Steps to Break the COVID Funk

As quarantine starts to drag, too many students are reporting to us that they’re struggling to motivate, feeling stuck, bloated, and generally blah.

The secret to creating change when you’re feeling like trash is to pluck the low-hanging fruit. Start with steps that are free, easy, and give you immediate results. It’s usually all the motivation you need to get the ball rolling on making the big changes you want to make to live a life you love.

Stay Connected to Your Practice in Uncertain Times

Now more than ever, we need the stabilizing practices of yoga, meditation, and exercise in our lives. People are under a tremendous amount of stress and often trapped without access to their usual stress relief.    

That's why we've curated an online library of dozens of classes Blaze members can take in the comfort and safety of their homes that’s growing daily. Your teachers have been working around the clock to be sure you have uninterrupted access to the therapeutic methods you’ve come to rely on in your self-care arsenal. "Together" online, we'll get through this pandemic and continue to thrive as a community.

Get in on the action:

1) Join our private online group Get Blazed Live for info, links, and passwords.

2) Sign up on MINDBODY for Online Classes

3) Login to our online library and stream great class!

Grab an online class today and find your center again.    

With over 40 online classes archived and at least 2 chances to livestream every day, we've got what you need to get through these uncertain times.    

New to Blaze? On quarantine across the country? Grab 30 days of online access for just $30.

Hot & Heavy

Too many fitness buffs out there are constantly sidelined by injury and over-training. It’s easy to get discouraged from your goals and resigned to watching from the sidelines or doing what you love in pain.

That’s why we created our Hot & Heavy program to help you get after your fitness and make gains without destroying your body in the process. We take the intelligent sequencing and alignment focus of our transformative Yoga and Pilates classes and apply them to heavy lifting and dynamic movement so you can get a killer workout and walk away feeling better and stronger every day.

Are you ready to find out what you’re made of and start surpassing your wildest dreams? Save your spot in Hot & Heavy today!

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Inferno Hot Pilates Plus

Everyone knows that lifting weights is good for your heart and your bones, but who has the time or the motivation? The weight racks at the gym are intimidating and most of us feel under a spotlight getting started.

In Inferno Hot Pilates Plus we take our transformational IHP class and add weights and bands to get you in the best shape of your life. Suitable for beginners or advanced athletes, we’ll teach you the ropes and challenge you to be your best. We use bumping music and club lighting with group motivation to help you find strength you didn’t even know you had. Each class can be tailored to your individual needs and goals.

You’ll walk away feeling powerful, elated, and strong. Book your first Plus class today!

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Inferno Hot Pilates

Separating what works from the rest of the noise in the world of fitness can be so confusing. There’s a new fad or IG influencer every other day.

That’s why we offer Inferno Hot Pilates here at Blaze. Based on the scientific research of Dr. Izumi Tabata, IHP is the most effective way to get in shape…fast. It’s high-intensity interval training with powerful group motivation that blasts your cardio and builds stability and control in your glutes, core, and shoulders. We run the class with club lighting and motivating music so you can work your tail off and have a blast at the same time.

Forget about the next person selling you their 28 days to six-pack abs. Get on your mat in IHP and walk away feeling strong, powerful, and ready for anything.

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Hot Vinyasa Yoga

Modern living leaves too many of us disconnected from our bodies and living with chronic discomfort. It can feel like a frazzled mind and junk body is a necessary side effect of being alive in this century.

Hot Vinyasa to the rescue! Our athletic flow class takes you from warm up and alignment sequences to deeper postures and playful flows with vinyasa principles. By linking movement with your breath, it brings your brain into the present moment so you can experience the benefits of meditation while you work with your body. This special combination trains you to both manage and banish stress before it goes too far.

You’ll leave each class feeling strong, resilient, and deeply centered. Find peace today.

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Hot Yoga Plus

It’s far too easy to let the demands of modern life take precedence over taking care of number one. There’s always someone who needs one more thing or a deadline you just can’t miss.

That’s why we created our Hot Yoga Plus program to help you make the most of your “me time” with these special classes that are both a workout and a work in. We use music and meditative cueing to help you tune in to the present moment so you can banish stress and focus on you.

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Original Hot Yoga

Too many of us walk around in a body that belongs to a stranger. Life, stress, injury, and illness can leave us feeling disconnected and like it’s all downhill from here.

At Blaze, we believe your best years are yet to come! That’s why we offer our original Hot Yoga to heal your broken bits and get your body and mind in top condition. This class was designed for the modern body and helps to counteract the negative influences of daily life. It’s the most accessible and effective yoga discipline in the world, designed to improve function and movement of every part of your body, so you can get back after your goals and dreams.

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Pillars of Blaze:

At Blaze we operate toward the radical vision of a world without suffering. It is our mission to support our community to take charge of their health, to heal their wounds, and amplify their lives so they can maximize their impact on the world. To support these goals, we function from four core pillars.

Heat is at the core of our values at Blaze. Heat amplifies every chemical reaction and wildly reduces the risk of injury. Too stiff for yoga? Try hot yoga. The heat is the secret sauce that makes our hot fitness modalities so effective.  

You’ll find an element of heat in all of our offerings. We believe in sweating daily because sweat is a powerful antiseptic that can help boost our immunity and resistance to ambient bacteria and disease. Sweat contains many of the same components as human urine and while it’s not a heavy lifter, it can reduce the detoxification load on our kidneys and liver.

Heat therapy has been shown in several studies to relieve the symptoms of depression and anxiety, reduce the production of excess cortisol, and increase the production of “feel-good” hormones in the body. In our exploratory study, hot yoga reduced symptoms of Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome in recovery by 80% on average.

We also use the heat to help build a sense of urgency. Your life is now. The time is now. We only get one shot at this life. Let’s get after it!

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Pillars of Blaze:

The second pillar of all we do here at Blaze is health. Without our health, everything else we do in life suffers. It’s hard to be a kind, generous, productive person when you feel like garbage. When we take care of our bodies, we walk through life a better partner, leader, parent, child, friend, employee, and community member. By making commitment to our own health, we make a commitment to our entire community.

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Pillars of Blaze: Community

Bringing people together is what we do best. Our thriving community is the most supportive group of caring individuals you’ll ever meet. We sweat together, struggle together, challenge each other, heal together, and laugh together.

We are able to host this incredible community because our staff is dedicated to building community and fostering human connection in everything we do. Our staff exhibit impeccable integrity in all of their actions and work daily to ensure that all people feel safe, welcome, and seen when they walk through our doors. Our community members follow suit in their behaviors, showing the new members around, asking classmates about their new puppy, and lending and ear to a long-time yoga friend.

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Pillars of Blaze: Trust

The fourth pillar of our studio is trust. To work together and transform our lives, we strive daily to create a culture rooted in trust.

We believe it is our responsibility as a small business and as teachers to earn and maintain the trust of the people we serve and the community that supports us.

That trust starts with an unshakable commitment to integrity in all that we do. We hold ourselves, our teachers, and our community to high moral and ethical standards. Blaze will always be a safe place to practice, to heal, and to thrive. We practice our craft wholeheartedly with kindness, compassion, courtesy, and respect to all.

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First Class Prep Check List

If you've gotten this far, you're ready to take charge of your health and your life. You're ready to do what it takes to feel your best so you can be your best and have massive impact on the world around you.

Here’s the plan:
1.    Grab your intro month here.
2.    Sign up for your first class.
3.    Change your life.

To get ready for your first class, follow this simple check list:

: You don't need to drink a gallon of water, but it's best if you have more than a cup of coffee before your first class. A good place to start is to take the number of pounds you weigh and divide it by two. Drink that number in ounces of water each day.

Fuel Your Body: Movement, exercise, and yoga requires energy. To be sure you feel your absolute best, fill your body with quality fuel. Eat a light meal 1-3 hours before your first class.

Pack Your Bag: You'll need a few tools for your first class.

  Wear light, athletic clothing and be prepared to sweat
  Bring a yoga mat, large towel, and bottle of water.
  We have showers, so feel free to bring your dop kit and an extra towel so you can get ready and get on with your day.

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