Understanding Intra-abdominal Pressure (IAP) to Optimize Your Practice

The yoga and fitness industries have done a disservice to their clients for decades (centuries?). They've passed on information about trunk stability and core strength that don't pass the test of science or biomechanics.

Sucking your stomach in or exhaling when you're lifting a heavy weight is one of the least strong positions you can create.

Back in the 80s, Arnold and his fellow body builders used to practice blowing up balloons and hot water bottles to create what we now understand as IAP. When you know better, you can do better. If you're feeling pain in your lower back, the low hanging fruit is to see if you're really pressurizing in your trunk or just randomly contracting your belly muscles.

We’ve created this simple video to help you feel it in your body and understand how to apply it across all movement disciplines in your life from gardening to ballet, and from laundry to Balancing Stick.

When you learn to use this simple technique, you'll feel stronger, be stronger, and on your way to eliminating back pain.