Our Commitment to You

At Blaze, we operate on four foundational values: Heat, Health, Community, and Trust. We are on a mission to support our community to take charge of their health, to heal their wounds, and amplify their lives so they can maximize their impact on the world.

Keeping our students safe within our walls has always been at the core of each of those values. We work hard every hour of every day to keep the studio safe, clean, and adhere to the highest of ethical standards. In a time of heightened awareness, here’s what we do every day to keep you safe.

Daily Cleaning The studio has always been cleaned from top to bottom every single day. We have a crew of over a dozen cleaners whose sole purpose is to ensure our space is a sparkling place of respite every time you walk through the doors. Our floors are cleaned with a steam extractor every week for deep cleaning.

Scrub-in and Screening All students must pass a standard screening questionnaire and scrub-in station before entering the studio.

Post-Class Sanitation After every class, all high-touch surfaces are decontaminated with 70% alcohol, the laboratory standard for eliminating pathogens. That means, every door handle, counter, knob, light switch, and piece of equipment is cleaned and sanitized after every class.

Limited Class Sizes During the threat of COVID-19, our class sizes are limited to 25% of capacity to ensure plenty of space for social distancing and to reduce the risk of disease transmission.

Health with Humidity The immune defense characteristics of your sinuses work best when the environment is humid. That’s why we run our Humidifall to maintain humidity rates above 40% at all times. The novel corona virus is believed to suffer in humid environments. This feature also helps you break a healthy sweat while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and decreasing our carbon footprint.

In addition, our Humidifall is fitted with a UV filter to destroy all pathogens in the air that may come in contact with the water.

Over the Top We’ve always gone above and beyond with sanitation in our studio and that includes the air. Fresh air standards are maintained in the hot room with an energy recovery ventilator that is controlled by a carbon dioxide sensor. That means, the more bodies breathing in the room, the more fresh air is circulated every minute.
We also employ an Odorox Boss hydroxyl unit between classes. This powerful device is the industry standard in the recovery and restoration business and is used to clean the air after major events like fire or mold in residential and commercial settings. We use a hydroxyl unit because it is safe in occupied settings (unlike many ozone-producing products on the market).

Leadership in Action Our staff here at Blaze are committed to our community. We know that each of us has a role to play in moving our society forward and enhancing each life we touch. We’ve carefully honed our team to only the most dedicated individuals who believe in our mission as strongly as we do. This is what leadership means to us. Not just talking but truly walking the path. Showing up for yourself so you can show up for your family, your work, your friends, your community. We are the kind of people who show up.