Get Off the Waitlist!

It can be so frustrating when you try to book a class and it’s sold out! You might even be as sad as Tim in this video. 👉🏼

That’s why we’ve created this simple blog post to help you get in to more of what you love so you can feel as good as what you remember.

1. Each Sunday, pre-book up to three classes, seven days in advance.

2. If the class you want to attend is full, add yourself to the waitlist.

3. Make sure you’ve ticked “yes” for text and email notifications.

4. Look for a text letting you know you’ve made it off the waitlist and reply “Y” to tell us you’re in.

5. Have a great class!

Twenty four hours in advance of any class that has open spots, you’re more than welcome to add yourself to the class, even if that makes more than 3 for the week for you. While we’re under the duress of COVID-19 restrictions, we ask that you please pre-book only 3 classes more than 24 hours in advance so that other students get a chance to take their favorite class with their favorite teacher, too.

By sacrificing a little as an individual, we can make this whole experience easier on our whole community.