How to Optimize Your Recovery: Add-ons

The big three in exercise recovery are Food, Sleep, and Stress Reduction. Once you prioritize these basic principles, you can begin to dial in your recovery with additional tools and techniques to enhance your life, your health, and speed recovery from your movement practices.

The most effective supplemental practices focus on supporting the body's natural processes of healing and involve circulation, palpation, and/or cell membrane stretching. These are the ways that your body removes waste products that make you feel gross and bring in the fluids and nutrients you need to heal and thrive. Surprise, surprise, it’s not the antioxidant drink that some woman you knew from high school sells through an MLM.

There are lots of effective tools that can enhance the good work you’re already doing. Take a peek at the video and learn more about how to up-level your recovery game. Further, most of the therapeutics recommended in this video also improve sleep and reduce stress, so you can nail down your low hanging fruit while tapping into some of the practices that ice the cake on your life.

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