Pillars of Blaze: Community

Bringing people together is what we do best. Our thriving community is the most supportive group of caring individuals you’ll ever meet. We sweat together, struggle together, challenge each other, heal together, and laugh together.

We are able to host this incredible community because our staff is dedicated to building community and fostering human connection in everything we do. Our staff exhibit impeccable integrity in all of their actions and work daily to ensure that all people feel safe, welcome, and seen when they walk through our doors. Our community members follow suit in their behaviors, showing the new members around, asking classmates about their new puppy, and lending and ear to a long-time yoga friend.

Building community includes a commitment to courtesy and respect in all of our interactions and a lifetime of preserving and honoring the diversity in our community. We believe wholeheartedly that inside of each of us is a place where we can all connect in our shared humanity, despite wildly varying lifestyles, dogmas, and world views. By coming together on the mat, we prove to the world every day that divisiveness is not the only option.

Outside of the hot room, we live the yogic principle of seva or selfless service through community outreach and scholarship programs. We leverage our goodwill in the community by supporting like-minded organizations doing good works in our area. Through giving back, we build a stronger Seacoast community and make it a better place for us all to live. It is in this way that our pillar of community helps to bring us closer to our vision of ending suffering.