Pillars of Blaze:

The second pillar of all we do here at Blaze is health. Without our health, everything else we do in life suffers. It’s hard to be a kind, generous, productive person when you feel like garbage. When we take care of our bodies, we walk through life a better partner, leader, parent, child, friend, employee, and community member. By making commitment to our own health, we make a commitment to our entire community.

Our bodies are in constant states of change, growth, age, and development. At Blaze, each yogi has made a commitment to take responsibility for their own health and wellness by continuing to take steps toward healing. We show up at each class because it makes us better at all that we do. We are people who show up for ourselves.  

Our brilliant staff offer the most effective hot fitness modalities available so that our students can both heal from any obstacle and optimize their health, fitness and well-being: physically, mentally, and emotionally. Every offering at Blaze is chosen because it will contribute to better health and function of each person who walks through our doors. Yeah, it may be fun, hard, or transformative, but it will always be in the best interest of your health.

Our commitment to health follows the yogic philosophy that growth is the constant willingness to observe, reflect, and move continually toward the truest expression of one’s self. We believe in continued growth, transformation, and change. Our teachers are dedicated to continuous professional development so our students can truly thrive.