Pillars of Blaze:

At Blaze we operate toward the radical vision of a world without suffering. It is our mission to support our community to take charge of their health, to heal their wounds, and amplify their lives so they can maximize their impact on the world. To support these goals, we function from four core pillars.

Heat • Health • Community • Trust

Heat is at the core of our values at Blaze. Heat amplifies every chemical reaction and wildly reduces the risk of injury. Too stiff for yoga? Try hot yoga. The heat is the secret sauce that makes our hot fitness modalities so effective.  

You’ll find an element of heat in all of our offerings. We believe in sweating daily because sweat is a powerful antiseptic that can help boost our immunity and resistance to ambient bacteria and disease. Sweat contains many of the same components as human urine and while it’s not a heavy lifter, it can reduce the detoxification load on our kidneys and liver.

Heat therapy has been shown in several studies to relieve the symptoms of depression and anxiety, reduce the production of excess cortisol, and increase the production of “feel-good” hormones in the body. In our exploratory study, hot yoga reduced symptoms of Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome in recovery by 80% on average.

We also use the heat to help build a sense of urgency. Your life is now. The time is now. We only get one shot at this life. Let’s get after it!