Six-Minute Mobility

Most of us don’t have the time we’d like for fitness, wellness, and mobility. With all you’re “supposed” to do, it can feel like you’re never getting in what you actually need.

That’s why we’ve created this simple video to help you sneak in movement, assessment, and mobility even when your time is short. You can do it all in six minutes or break it up into 30-second components and work your neck while your coffee brews or your knees while you stand at the copier.

Your body is simple. If you move it in your pain-free range, it feels better. You don’t always have to have an epic session to feel better than you did ten minutes ago.

This video takes you through Controlled Articular Rotations of all of your joints so you can give a little love to all of your bits. CARs are an important part of your daily practice because they help you to:

● Reduce pain
● Decrease inflammation
● Improve performance
● Maintain range of motion
● Improve joint-brain communication
● Mitigate the stress response

Whether you want to stop feeling like trash or you’re trying to break a personal fitness record, the technique is the same. Move a little, pay attention, move better.

We recommend at least two rotations in each direction every day, but you can repeat x100 if it’s feeling good. If you have an injury, increase the repetitions, just decrease the intensity. Remember to always work in your pain-free range. If you hit a roadblock of closing-angle joint pain, simply skirt around the sore spot and work the rest of the range to the best of your ability. Pay careful attention to what you feel as you engage in this powerful movement practice.
If you’re looking to dive deeper, join us for a longer session or the full morning routine.