The One Minute Hiking Prep We All Need

When it comes to warming up, most people forget their feet. The foot is quite literally the lever that propels you forward.

There are 30 joints in the foot and for maximum speed, optimal gait, and reduced wear and tear, they all have to move, well. You can’t move it if you’re not aware of it. That’s why we’re sharing this simple and super-fast exercise to increase your awareness of your amazing feet!

The best news is that it takes about a minute warm up your feet before your next walk, hike, run, race, or cycle so you can start to use that foot and all 100 muscles, ligaments and tendons, and less like it’s a solid brick.

Before you lace up for your next adventure, take 60-seconds to pulse your feet in five different directions so you can feel better, move faster, and stay focused on everything you love to do with your body.