How to Choose Your Weights
for Inferno Hot Pilates

When your weights are too light, you won't feel a lot from the exercises. When your weights are too heavy, you'll end up using your traps or your lower back instead of building strength in the target muscles and joints. No one wants to get half benefits from a workout and no one wants a sore lower back!

Our teachers plan your classes based on the type of weight you’ll be using. Choose a heavy weight for a “light” shoulders day and you’re going to have to leave the weights on the floor the whole time. When you arrive at the studio, the teacher will tell you what type of weight to choose for that day. This will vary based on the type of exercises and the number of sets or reps we’ll be doing. It has nothing to do with what you lift at the gym or what you did in class last week.

We've created this simple video to help you understand the meaning of "light", "medium", and "medium-heavy" in Inferno Hot Pilates+, so you can choose the right weight for our impeccably-designed classes. Learn to choose the right weight for you and for the class at hand so you can optimize your workout and leave feeling amazing every time.