One Simple Hack to Transform
Your Standing Bow Pose

Too many of us lack the hip extension necessary to do much in Standing Bow pose. We run out of mobility and compensate by over-arching the lower back or rotating the standing hip.

The result is a posture that looks like it might be deeper, but is actually a regression in terms of mobility and control.

That's why we've created this video to help you understand the requisites for the posture and show you what you can do about it.

Follow the instructions for the simple active range exercise inside and start seeing changes in your mobility, range, strength, and control. Your joints will feel better and you'll know you're doing the pose in a way that maximizes benefit to you.

Try out the exercise inside and learn the honest truth about your active hip mobility. Once you've cried yourself to sleep, let's get to work.

That’s why we made you this quick video, so you can understand the pose, get to the bottom of your compensation patterns, and start seeing results in your practice.