K-Farm Comes to Blaze!

We’re so excited to welcome our friends the Fillmores for a pop-up farm stand on Saturday, June 26th. Nell has been a friend of the Curry family since she started nannying for our kids when she was in high school. Her family is a trusted and important part of the Blaze community and we can’t wait to share their passion for health and stewardship of the land with you all.  

The K-Farm  was originally built in 1758. Since 2016, owners Andy and Nell have worked to restore it to its original beauty with three goals in mind:

  Raise the highest quality of products 
  Allow animals to live in their natural state, ensuring their happiness and health
  Enrich the health of the farm and guarantee sustainability 

They are dedicated to land stewardship and committed regenerative farm practices that build the health of the farm while providing food for the table. On K-Farm, the cows are free to graze the fresh pastures, the pigs roam in the woods allowed to root up and eat all the nuts and berries that they please, and the broiler chickens live in a “chicken tractor” so they can graze pasture freely and rotate to new land daily. Layer hens are free-range and have their pick of all of the greens and grubs and bugs the farm has to offer. 

Not only do regenerative agriculture practices allow the animals to live their lives in their natural state but it also increases the health on the farm by protecting the watershed, enriching the soil, and increasing organic matter and improving the soil's capacity to sequester carbon from the air. 

Join them for a special farm pop up where you can purchase eggs and meats in cuts or bundles. Looking to stock up? Email K-Farm to preorder and have your cuts waiting for you when you walk out of class!