How Hot Yoga and Pilates Makes You Money

Say what? Showing up for hot Yoga and Pilates is going to increase my bank roll?
You know it!

We build grit:The number one reported predictor of high school graduation in kindergarten-aged children is grit. It out-paces money, talent, and intelligence. Grit gives you the motivation try again when you fail and to work harder when you don’t have the skills you need yet for the job at hand.

Achieving your goals and making the money flow take hard work, effort, and hustle. It means sticking with it even when the going gets tough. Practicing Hot Yoga and Pilates steadily builds grit, determination, and will power: giving you the strength you need to make your dreams reality.

Increase productivity: People who practice Hot Yoga and Inferno Hot Pilates have more energy, calm, and focus.Studies on youth show that yoga and mindfulness practices increase both athletic and academic performance.

Studies on the workforce shows that employees who engage in mindfulness practice are happier and more productive.

When you are focused and calm, you can get more done in less time. You tell me, how valuable is your time? If it takes you less time to get started, you can do more, connect more, and stack more paper.

Maximize potential: Our nation is chronically over-stimulated mentally and under-stimulated physically. With a racing mind and a sluggish body, you’re never going to be your best self. Can you imagine how much you could impact the world and the people around you if your body felt great and you had tons of energy?

The most frequently reported benefits of a Hot Yoga and Pilates practice are:
·        Reduced stress
·        Improved sleep
·        Decreased pain
·        Weight loss

You were born to shine. Get on your mat and polish off that 24 karat gold!


Clients follow healthy people: No matter what field you’re in, if you look good, feelgood, act kindly, and like yourself, your clients want to do what you do so they can feel how you feel. That’s how the diet industry makes seventy billion dollars a year. They show you a gorgeous, uber-fit model who works out 6-8 hours a day on a starvation diet and tell you if you buy their antioxidant drink you can be just like her.

If you’re trying to build or maintain your client base,living your highest representation of yourself is the ultimate inspiration to make that purchasing decision, calculate gratuity, or make a membership commitment. You can be calm, friendly, and welcoming and the height of the dinner rush and your customers will show their appreciation for your kindness and attention with a big, fat tip.

Your time is valuable and you should be compensated fairly. When you feel your best, you know your value, and are confident asking for what you deserve.